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Why are SUVs Different, and Where Can I Purchase Them in Columbia, SC?

What are the Specialties of Owning an SUV?

SUVs are unique vehicles that are highly popular and compatible with all travel conditions, including bad weather and rugged terrains. These vehicles will help you travel around the world easily with ample comfort. SUVs are larger and have an exterior design suitable for off-road conditions. That is why they are preferred for longer trips with family or friends. At Bluff Road Auto Sales in Columbia, SC, we explore the specialties of owning an SUV and its advantages. Continue reading to learn more. 

Popular Features of an SUV

SUVs range from Small and Mid-size to Large sized SUVs. The cost of purchase varies accordingly. So, why are SUVs special? Let us see what features make SUVs widely acceptable in the auto market.

Elevated Power 

SUVs have high-power engines that help them to tow large caravans and trucks. SUVs can pull more luggage and people than a sedan, as they have a higher engine capacity and more engine power. All-wheel drive is now a standard feature in almost all SUVs, elevating their performance.

Spacious Interiors 

SUVs have spacious interiors that can accommodate more passengers and luggage. That is why they are ideal for long trips with family and friends. The minimum seating capacity of an SUV accommodates six people and ensures ample space to relax during any travel. 

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Increased Safety

SUVs are the safest cars on the road as they can withstand any collision up to a certain extent. Their heavy body will not get damaged quickly and relatively reduces passenger injury. There are a lot of Driver-assistance features that come along, which facilitate easy and safe driving.


Modern SUVs are manufactured to give higher fuel efficiency and focus on driving on the road rather than off-road. Available hybrid and electric models also help to gain better mileage by using alternative fuels, making them as eco-friendly as possible.


SUVs can swiftly drive through rough terrains and is ideal for all weather conditions. Their elevated structure and high powertrain help to overcome challenges posed by uneven grounds.

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Split-folding rear seat of the 2019 Ford EcoSport
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