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Employee and a customer at a dealership

Where Can I Find a Used Sedan Under $25,000 in Columbia, SC?  

Pre-Owned Sedan Under $25,000 Near Me in Columbia, South Carolina  

If you plan to buy a sedan, opting for a used model is a smart choice. It offers a plethora of benefits that extend far beyond just the price tag. At Bluff Road Auto Sales, our dealership in Columbia, South Carolina, you can explore a wide range of used sedans under $25,000 and car financing options. Read below to learn more about the benefits of buying a used sedan.  

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Side view of the 2018 Honda Pilot on the road

Where Can I Find a Used Honda Pilot Near Columbia, SC?

Check Out the Latest Used Honda Pilot in Columbia, SC! 

Fancy a used family SUV that effortlessly combines style, performance, and safety? Look no further than the 2018 Honda Pilot, a top choice for families in Columbia, South Carolina. This remarkable vehicle offers many benefits that make it stand out among its competitors. Honda’s reputation for reliability and durability ensures that the 2018 Pilot retains its value over time. It’s a wise investment that will provide returns when you upgrade. Want to learn more? Keep reading this blog by Bluff Road Auto Sales.  

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Front three-quarter view of the 2018 Honda HR-V in Blue

Used Honda SUVs for Sale in Columbia, SC

Why Buying a Used Honda SUV in Columbia, SC, is the Ultimate Journey!  

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey in the beautiful city of Columbia, South Carolina? If so, fasten your seat belt and get ready to explore the less traveled road in a used Honda SUV. Columbia offers a plethora of captivating destinations, and what better way to navigate its streets than with a reliable and versatile vehicle like a Honda SUV? At Bluff Road Auto Sales in Columbia, SC, we have used Honda SUVs for sale. Read on to learn more.  

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Car mechanic repairing car brakes in car service

Where to Get Front-End Alignment Service in Columbia, SC?

Find Front-End Alignment Service in Columbia, SC

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy dealership to provide front-end alignment services for your vehicle in Columbia, SC, look no further than Bluff Road Auto Sales. With their experienced technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, Bluff Road Auto Sales is the perfect choice for anyone looking to keep their vehicle running smoothly and safely on the road. So, why should you choose Bluff Road Auto Sales for your front-end alignment needs? Continue reading this blog to find out more about the front-end alignment service at Bluff Road Auto Sales dealership in Columbia, SC.

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One white color Hyundai Santa Fe is running on the road.

Where Can I Buy a Used Hyundai SUV Near Me? 

Finance a Pre-Owned Hyundai SUV in Columbia, SC 

Hyundai is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world, with its technologically advanced, fuel-efficient models that only get better every year. Tens of thousands of Americans put their trust in a Hyundai vehicle when they first purchase a car for their families. From a practical SUV to a chic sedan, Hyundai offers everything a car buyer might want. Furthermore, its vehicles are affordable so that every new car buyer can choose a handsome model with excellent features without spending a fortune on the same. And a pre-owned Hyundai is as good as a brand-new one, provided you purchase it from a reputable dealership. On that note, here’s a blog post by Bluff Road Auto Sales if you want to finance a pre-owned Hyundai SUV in Columbia, SC. Continue reading and visit us at your convenience to learn more.  

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Texas styled BBQ

Check Out the Top Three BBQ Restaurants in Columbia, SC!

Where Can I Find the Best Barbecue Joints in Columbia, SC?   

If you are wondering what to have on your cheat day or want to go out to dinner with your family, choosing the proper cuisine can be an important decision. Luckily for you, we at Bluff Auto Sales have a brilliant idea. When was the last time you had a barbecue? Prepare to have serious hunger pangs as we talk about the top three BBQ restaurants in the Columbia, SC, area!  

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View of vehicle's wiper blade

Why is Regular Vehicle Maintenance Important?  

Vehicle Maintenance Services Available in Columbia, SC  

As a car owner, you might know the advantages of keeping your vehicle on top of its maintenance schedule. From an oil change and brake inspections to belt replacements, your vehicle’s maintenance is essential to prevent any problem before it occurs. Are you looking for a dealership for your vehicle’s maintenance and repair services? You can make an appointment at the Bluff Road Auto Sales LLC dealership in Columbia, SC. Continue reading to learn the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance.  

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View of vehicle's wiper blade

How to Properly Replace a Rear Windshield Yourself Without Any Special Tools?

DIY Video Tutorial on Rear Windshield Replacement  

In this video, you will get a detailed do-it-yourself demonstration of replacing your car’s front or rear windshield without the use of any special tools. If you get a cracked or chipped windshield, you can save a lot of money with these easy steps. You can replace the windshield yourself at home with standard hand tools. The video gives a step-by-step how-to guide starting from buying the new glass, removing the old glass, removing the urethane from the pinch weld, preparing the glass, putting the new urethane on, and finally installing the new glass. Visit Bluff Road Auto LLC dealership in Columbia, SC, to check out our available pre-owned vehicle inventory.

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Top view of a dining table served with food

Top Three Vegan Restaurants in Columbia, SC!

What are the Best Vegan Restaurants in Columbia, SC? 

There are a lot of upsides to a healthy lifestyle, and one of them is great food option. That’s right, people tend to think that vegan food might not be as tasty as a juicy steak, but that’s not true at all. Therefore, if you are a vegan or wish to try vegan food for the first time in Columbia, SC, Bluff Road Auto Sales has this blog post just for you. Check out the top three vegan restaurants that you visit in this city! 

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