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2024 Mazda CX-90 Inline 6 Turbo – Artisan Red Premium

Watch the Unboxed Video Introducing the 2024 Mazda CX-90 Performance  

Video Overview of the 2024 Mazda CX-90 Performance

Mazda’s renowned reputation for its sleek aesthetics, performance, and innovative features has significantly raised the bar for what we expect from the 2024 CX-90 SUV. The vehicle offers a brand-new e-Skyactiv G 3.3L Inline 6 Turbo, Mazda’s most robust mass-produced gasoline engine. It delivers an impressive 340 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque when using premium fuel. In the Mazda CX-90 Unboxed series, Ant Anstead, an expert car builder and master mechanic, examines the CX-90’s inline 6 engine and tests its rear-biased AWD powertrain. Ant collaborates with renowned international film star Hiroyuki Sanada, Mazda Senior Designer Yasutake Tsuchida and Powertrain Manager Jay Chen to analyze the exceptional performance of the CX-90 in the Mazda CX-90 Unboxed series. Click the link below to watch the 2024 Mazda CX-90 performance video overview! Join us at Bluff Road Auto Sales in Columbia, South Carolina, to purchase a used Mazda model at the best price!

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Man using key fob for opening the car

Unlock Convenience: Used Cars Featuring Keyless Entry

Affordable Used Cars with Keyless Entry in Columbia, SC 

Keyless entry eliminates traditional keys, allowing drivers to unlock and start their vehicles effortlessly. For instance, imagine approaching your car with your arms full of groceries—no need to fumble for keys. As you get close, the vehicle’s sensors detect your presence and unlock the doors, ready to accommodate you with a seamless entry experience. If you’re looking for affordable used cars with keyless entry in Columbia, SC, look no further than Bluff Road Auto Sales. 

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2023 Hyundai IONIQ 5 exterior side look

How Does Hyundai Touchscreen Navigation Sound System Work?

Setting Up Hyundai Touchscreen Navigation Sound System  

The Hyundai Touchscreen Navigation Sound Setting is a remarkable feature that brings convenience and personalization to the driving experience. With this feature, you can customize the sound settings of your Hyundai navigation system according to your requirements. The user-friendly touchscreen interface makes it effortless to navigate through the various sound options and adjust on the fly. Learn more at Bluff Road Auto Sales dealership in Columbia, SC.  

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Wireless charger pad in the 2023 Hyundai Palisade

How to use the wireless smartphone charge in your Hyundai vehicle?

Video: How to Charge your smartphone with a Hyundai wireless charger?

Modern-day vehicles come with a wide array of sophisticated features to improve interior comfort and convenience. Among the top automotive brands, Hyundai is a popular manufacturer that provides upscale practicality and premium interior features at competitive prices. Let’s assume you or your co-driver forgot to charge your phone before you headed out of your home or workplace. Don’t fret! You can seamlessly charge your Qi-enabled smartphone with the state-of-the-art wireless charging technology offered in select Hyundai vehicles. This system works even if you don’t have a compatible charging cable. Check out this video to learn about the wireless charging facility offered by Bluff Road Auto Sales in Columbia, SC.

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One orange color Nissan car is running on the road.

How to Use the SiriusXM with 360L Work in NissanConnect®?

Using Nissan’s SiriusXM with 360L

Nissan has been offering some impressive technologies in their vehicles for complete infotainment. The latest models have SiriusXM with 360L as part of NissanConnect®. Unlike other standard functions, this feature gives a rich, diverse, and exciting audio experience. You can choose from plenty of on-demand content, Pandora stations, podcasts, live sports, news, and more! You can customize it and get ad-free personalized channels and curated shows based on your listening history. Join us in this blog by Bluff Road Auto Sales in Columbia, SC, as we elaborate on using Nissan’s SiriusXM with 360L with a video.

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View of button to activate seat heating

Where can I buy a used car with heated seats in South Carolina?

Used vehicles with heated seats in Columbia, SC 

Are you searching for pre-owned vehicles in top-notch condition? If so, you can explore the online inventory of used cars at Bluff Road Auto Sales. Our dealership has a wide selection of capable pre-owned models for all budgets. Moreover, these vehicles are categorized based on their unique features, allowing you to opt for specific features you need in a car.   

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Side profile of the 2023 Nissan Sentra parked

Get to know how the Automatic Emergency Braking works in Nissan vehicles

Video Illustrating the function of Automatic Emergency Braking in Nissan Vehicles

Nissan is a famous vehicle manufacturer that’s reputed for delivering timeless vehicles for decades. It’s one of the most sought-after brands in the used car market. That’s due to the rugged mechanical components used to manufacture the engine and transmission. As a result, these vehicles deliver similar performance and efficiency as they used to when driven as a new vehicle. Besides, the Nissan vehicles fare a wide array of technologically advanced features that enhances confidence in drivers on the road. Among them, an essential feature is automatic emergency braking which detects obstacles ahead of the vehicle and automatically applies the brake to slow down or stop the vehicle to avoid a potential crash. Let’s watch this video illustrating the function of automatic emergency braking in Nissan Vehicles at Bluff Road Auto Sales in Columbia, SC.

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Front view of the 2021 Ford Escape driving

How to use the front and rear windshield wipers in a Ford vehicle?

Activating the front and rear windshield wipers in a Ford vehicle

If you’re planning to purchase a used Ford vehicle in the Columbia area, consider checking out our inventory at Bluff Auto Sales. We have an extensive lineup of cars from various manufacturing dates for you to select. One of the most important features of a vehicle is the windshield wiper. It’s a system that ensures clear visibility in both the front windshield and rear window. Some vehicles have a wiper setting activated only when the driver manually selects the desired wiper speed. Others might have a rain-sensing wiper technology that automatically detects water on the windshield, and the system activates by itself. In this video provided by Bluff Road Auto Sales, you can learn how to set up and activate your Ford vehicle’s front and rear windshield wipers.

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Two Toyota Camry Sedans driving

Everything You Should Know About Blind-Spot Monitoring

How Does Blind-Spot Monitoring Work When Needed?

Whether you are planning to buy a new car, maybe you already know about blind-spot features as a safety feature. Blind-spot monitoring is a very convenient feature. But it used to be only accessible to most luxury brands. But now, this technology reaches even budget brands. So don’t panic. If your current car doesn’t have this technology, the following will. But does it make a big difference? Still confused? Don’t worry. We are here to guide you. Keep reading the blog post by  Bluff Road Auto Sales blog post, Columbia, SC, to learn about Blind-Spot Monitoring.

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