View of a car's five-speed manual transmission stick

Watch this Video: What is a Car Transmission?

Car Transmission Video Explanation 

You have probably heard of a transmission before, but do you know what it is and why it’s needed? Whether manual, automatic, or CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), this crucial component is responsible for properly transferring engine power to the wheels. Watch this video: what is car transmission by Bluff Road Auto LLC. After that you can check out our available pre-owned inventory in Columbia, SC! 

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Multiple used cars parked

Find Excellent Quality Used Vehicles under $25,000 in Columbia, SC 

Where Can You Buy Used Vehicles Under $25,000 in Columbia, SC? 

Getting behind the wheel of your dream car is one of the most exciting things that you could do. However, that does not always mean that you need to aim for brand-spanking-new wheels to become a proud car owner. Used cars come with multiple benefits in terms of their cost, maintenance, and several other factors. Therefore, buying pre-owned vehicles might be a great option, especially if you are a first-time car buyer. That said, if you are looking for excellent quality used vehicles under $25,000 in Columbia, SC, this blog might be a great read. And once you are done with the research, head to Bluff Road Auto Sales in Columbia, SC, to find your favorite vehicles on the lot.  

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View of a Toyota GR Supra's engine

Watch a Video Covering the Basics of Engine Technology 

How Does a Car Engine Work? 

For most of us, a car is filled with gas and is the machine that takes us from one place to another. Have you ever wondered: How does the car do this exercise? What makes it move? It is propelled by an internal combustion engine. But how does a car engine work? An internal combustion engine converts the heat generated from burning gasoline into mechanical work or torque. This torque is then applied to the wheels to make the car move forward. At Bluff Road Auto Sales in Columbia, SC, we present a video prepared by the folks at Toyota which elaborates on the workings of a car engine.  

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Front three-quarter view of the 2022 Toyota Tundra towing a boat

Where can I buy a used truck in Columbia, South Carolina?

Buy used trucks in Columbia, South Carolina

Are you hunting for a used pickup truck in Columbia, South Carolina? At the Bluff Road Auto Sales dealership, we have a huge collection of tested and vetted pre-owned pickup trucks from world-famous brands like Toyota, Ford, Honda, GMC, Ram, and many more. Continue reading today’s blog by our team as we let you know how buying from our dealership can benefit you.  

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View of multiple SUVs parked

Some Effective Tips to Maintain Your Used Cars

What are Some Useful Used Car Maintenance Tips?  

Used cars come with more benefits than one. They are budget-friendly for one and last for several years when you take care of them. However, the question that begs here is this! How can you effectively tend to your used car? What are some useful used car maintenance tips that could help you enjoy a great return on your investment? Read this blog by Bluff Road Auto Sales to learn all about it head to our dealership in Columbia, SC, to find an excellent quality pre-owned car of your choice.  

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View of the Nissan Murano's panoramic moonroof

Used Cars with Moonroofs in Columbia, South Carolina 

Where to Find Used Cars with Moonroofs in Columbia, South Carolina 

Buying a used car can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you are looking for used cars with moonroofs in Columbia, Bluff Road Auto Sales LLC has exactly what you need! These cars are well-maintained, have low mileage, and feature all the latest amenities. You can take your pick from any of these cars by visiting our location at 1400 Bluff Road, Columbia, SC. 

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